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Working with Terms Real Estate

Traditional sellers of real estate wonder why people are working with Terms Real Estate. I’ve been curious to explore their perspective further and enlighten it, I’ve written about the pros and cons of doing so. These are the benefits and downfalls of working with investors.

Social Stigma

Let’s take a step back and acknowledge the elephant in the room. Many investors are con artists. Some are out to screw you over to make a buck!  Honest, hard-working innovators like myself eat the leftovers of these crooks and recreate systems for client comfortability! Luckily I have been to stay above water, but honest folks can’t seem to get over. As sure as the grass is green, every person and business has a dark side. No one can deny the stigma. However, when it comes to working alongside an agency or company to buy or sell real   But once you understand your options, goals but success depends on your goals and the investor’s competency and value.

Think about the following scenario. What if you understand the concept of selling on terms, you know what you want, and you know every line in the paperwork? Think about how powerful that scenario is! After this knowledge is in your head, you don’t need to trust anyone! You either have everything you need right in front of you, or you don’t. So please break away from social stigma! It’s a bad habit to judge a book by its cover. Not to mention, most people will only sell a house once. You should know all of your options.

Working with Paper Real Estate is a different experience altogether. We won’t say anything that is not written here. We do not offer contracts you cannot download. That’s why we have been declared the “official home of ‘terms’ real estate”! Although that’s a bold statement, we are the world’s first all-in-one education/transaction portal regulated by professionals. I created Paper Real Estate to be as transparent as I am, set’s dive into why working with us is a smart idea.

Terms Real Estate Is Online

Terms Real Estate is so much more than your average brokerage or investment firm. We are convenient, connections, and consulting combined. They understand how to do it, and that information is here—all of it, with a regularly updated library.

There is no contract we use that you cannot download yourself. We are known across the country and growing. We’re the only platform in the world that matches you with your counterpart automatically. There is just no one else out there. And when there is a match, we will even help regulate and structure the deal! It’s entirely up to you! We just want to make sure you know what you’re doing.

I cannot stress how necessary your paperwork is! This is why we’ve made those resources available online. If I promise you the moon, you’re going to check the paperwork. You’ll eventually conclude that the moon just isn’t included in the deal. That makes me a liar, and the trust is gone.

The point I’m trying to illustrate here is that selling a house requires a pen and paper. (For now. We’re working on something kind of neat) You’ll never sign your name unless you agree with what is written down, no matter who gave it to you and whether they promised the moon. You need to read it. It’s not sexy. But you need to understand it.

Stop Being Scared

I cannot keep it real enough, people. Again, I am very transparent. Sellers have told me, “This sounds too good to be true” more than once, and I’ll be told it again. The main issue with buyers and sellers is that they are looking for the guy on the phone to sell them. That’s why realtors are so popular. They have an embedded code of ethics that they must follow, or they can kiss their career goodbye. Realtors have standardized paperwork that people trust and use.

Let’s think logically, though. There is a combination of laziness here, too. People have become so accustomed to hiring a realtor because they are familiar with their paperwork and process. If realtors use inadequate paperwork, the public will catch on, and their reputation would be tarnished. That, of course, is not the case. The meaning behind this is that it all started with a contract that worked.

If you want to work with someone based on reputation, that’s fine. Is it based on their kindness? Be my guest. Are they super good looking? Be my guest. But consider this. your pocketbook doesn’t care about personality, looks or reputation. It’s about information. It’s about facts. Connections! Paper Real Estate offers all of this with world-class transparency! There is no need to be afraid of doing business in real estate ever again!

I’ll Sell On Terms – Now What?

After you have considered your position and needs, you are ready to proceed. Simply submit your seller info on the submissions page. Buyers are providing information nationwide, which means if one of them is buying in the city you are selling, we will know about it automatically. Then, we will contact you and ask you how you want to move forward with or without Terms Real Estate.

Opting to do the deal yourself should be simple. Since you have chosen this route, one would assume you know the next step to take. Then we’ll provide the buyers’ contact information and wish you well. That’s it. No strings. Just a connection you wouldn’t have likely found without us. (Your welcome)

If you choose to deal with us, we will establish your needs and structure the deal to favor those needs. After this, we’ll contact our buyers and, through you, schedule a showing. Once the buyer decides to buy, you collect your requirements, and we sign the paperwork. This is all done with our guidance. If you want to take it over after you’ve received your down payment or other requirements, you can do that. The deal we structure will benefit you, Paper Real Estate, and the buyer!

Pros & Cons Of Working With Investors

Any cons just go back to social stigma. The worst part is assuming every investor is a con artist. I find that absurd. But truthfully, the only con is the con artists themselves. Everything else about this business is a big plus for everyone involved assuming cooperation and competency!

Working with investors should be easy. They should be able to easily translate what the deal is and how it affects you. If your investor cannot articulate that, they have done this business a disservice. A good investor will encourage you to keep your head and keep your eye on the ball. That is the standard that I’ve created and built a company around: nothing but the best.

There are no real cons to working with us. I cannot speak for other investors. If they have a growing database of information for you to read at your leisure, they’re a good investor. If they offer free downloadable contracts for you to use, they’re a good investor. I also trust a guy that provides all of this because they aren’t hiding anything. The trust factor becomes obsolete. It doesn’t matter what their personality is or how good looking they are. Their game is all out on the table.

In A Summary

I believe in creative deal structuring. Anything I can do outside of the box is exciting for me. It turns out that these techniques and legal contracts are why people get rich. I am so serious. The knowledge available at your disposal will make you very rich if you take action. And I’m not fucking with you.

In short…use an investor if you want to buy or sell on terms. You need full clarification. Investors are in place to help people that do not understand all of their options in real estate. Ask an honest realtor if selling on terms is viable for you. Once you’ve determined using terms in your deal is wise, go forward with it and prosper! Just take a note that Paper Real Estate is here to help you do it.

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