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Tenant Application

Fill out this form and email it to us or fill it out and submit it live. This form enables us run the necessary background information that all home sellers here will need. We offer the SAME EXACT tenant application to them, for you. You might as well have this ready and filled out for them, right? 

You may need to pay for this tenant check out of pocket. You’ll need sufficient credit/income history. What is defined as “sufficient” is different for everyone! Do not think your score or income is too low to apply. You are applying to EVERYONE looking for you. Think about that.

How To Obtain & Maintain Good Credit

For those who are in need of credit building, credit repair, or if you just have general credit questions, please download a free copy of our e-book “Good Credit: How To Get It & Keep It”. This short e-book contains valuable credit-building techniques that are sure to soar your credit! Building your credit to pay a balloon payment is necessary, in most cases.

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Terms Real Estate has made it very easy to find the property you are seeking. You are essential, hiring a robot built by a workaholic, to do a job that humans often can’t manage alone. As a tenant or similar position, you’ll need to negotiate the terms for your new house, as well as find the house. 

From here, you can learn how to do this yourself to find what you need! Or….

You can submit your home request information right here, and have what you need FIND YOU!

Preparing For Balloon Payment

Sign up for other services that provide credit to you, if you need to build credit from scratch. There are several online companies that lease jewelry and other assets that you can leverage for credit access. The more of these accounts that you have, the higher your overall credit power. You want this number to be as high as possible while spending as little of it as possible. This ratio is called your credit utilization, which you want to keep below 25%-30%, ideally. Only borrow what you need to and make all of your payments on time!! If companies see that you are borrowing too much money, they are less likely to loan you anything else until older accounts get resolved.

There are many tips and tricks, yes…but the overall idea for building credit is to make yourself credible. It is quite favorable to make your payments on time. Making more than the minimum payments on time is also helpful to appear more credit worthy. To make your credit score work for you, you have to work on it! 
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