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Credit Repair


It is generally favorable to make your payments on time. Making the minimum payments on time is essential to making the most of your credit score. To make your credit score work for you, you have to work on it! Make your payments, on time, and pay slightly ahead if you can.

Sign up for other services that provide credit to you, if you need to build credit from scratch. There are several online companies that lease jewelry and other assets that you can leverage for credit access. The more of these accounts that you have, the higher your overall credit power. You want this number to be as high as possible, while spending as little of it as possible. You want to keep 70% or more credit available to use on each account you own, to keep your credit utilization to stay down. If companies see that you are borrowing too much money, they are less likely to loan you anything to further build your credit. There are many tips and tricks, yes…but the overall idea for building credit is to make yourself credible.