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Fill out this form and email it to us or fill it out and submit it live. This form enables us to market your property and find qualified buyers for it. If your home is for sale still, via FSBO, you may continue to market the property as such to attract your ideal buyer, without any interruption from my end, even AFTER the memo is signed! After signing and submitting the form, you may STILL cancel at any time!

What is a lease option memo?

This lease option memo is what we use to establish a “micro-agreement”, which details how we will assign the first right of purchase, if applicable. It only BECOMES applicable, once YOU have approved a tenant-buyer, and only THEN can I assign this First Right of Purchase.

Why do we use it?

We use this form for a slew of reasons. A few of the main reasons are:
We must establish a signed agreement before proceeding, period. We use THIS form because it is simple to understand, and it compresses the information necessary for both buyers and sellers, AND it protects termsrealestate.com and all of it’s affiliates (mostly me) from getting taken advantage of!

I have submitted the form. now what?

You’ve completed the most vital step! That’s starting the process! All you must do now, is await identical offers from alike buyers! Be available to show your home to buyers, as we will be connecting you to them.

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Let's Find You Together The Place You Deserve

For sellers – Consider making your home available on terms! There is no reason not to TRY and see what offers you will get! Once you submit the “Home For Sale” info, you’ll be notified when there is interest in your property!! Terms Real Estate will be there to guide the transaction from start to close, as well. So not only can you find what you want, connect to whom you need to connect to, you don’t even have to do it alone! In fact, we not only guide the transaction for you…we don’t charge you anything for it.