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Frequently asked questions

Terms Real Estate was created to educate and connect curious explorers of home investments! Your home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make! You should know all of your options to buying a house, and you should know all of your options for selling your house. We want to shed some light on those options and fuel the conversation of buying and selling on terms! So we’ve put together a little website for you buyers and sellers alike to learn all about different real estate structures, and connect directly to your counterpart. More on that topic on another page ——>

I orchestrate and oversee the deal from the start to the signing table. I will find the tenant and background check them for you. Once you approve a tenant who will commit, we orchestrate a “showing” and/or sit down to sign the paperwork! At this point, they would bring you a check, sign the agreement and move in! My role is to oversea the success of this process by optimizing the contract with you, finding and assigning the lease to the tenant all without stopping any progress you have made yourself.

This service is technically free for the seller. The tenant buyer pays me to assign the lease to them, all while fulfilling your requirements.

Terms Real Estate can transform your life if you utilize all of the resources available. Aside from the priceless information we are trying to compress and deliver to you, this is the first marketplace to view and post homes for sale using special options, or as I call these special option, terms.

This website doesn’t necessarily “cover” any areas as far as specific wording and phrases that may be used in Indiana and not Florida, for example. Termsrealestate.com offers compressed knowledge of different buying and selling methods used in every state in America. No method we mention is illegal for you to execute as an independent seller or buyer in any state.

No. At this time there are no limits of listings you can create.

Our network of websites online presence attracts buyers and sellers of all types, so we use this information to serve you! The homes that we list for sale also attract many interested tenants. We go above and beyond to connect you to likeminded buyers and sellers, and to arm you with profitable information.

“When buying or selling a house, you should explore all of the options you don’t know about. You should be going out of your way for answers!”

LEARN how to structure real estate deals that are profitable for you! There are several in existence, and they all have a slightly variating punchline.

MARKET volatility is…well..violent. There is no telling what the market will force you into tomorrow or the next day. Selling on terms helps you control the rules. Your own rules, not the market’s rules.

CONNECT with real estate brokers, investors, buyers and sellers on your own terms!

Exploring these options can be more beneficial than you could imagine. When you don’t know something exists it can be scary. But once you get past the fear of learning something new, you’ll come to find that there are several proven, safe ways to sell your house.