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Paper Real Estate offers several services. One of them is a “we buy houses” service. We will buy your house fast for cash. We usually close in less than seven days, and we pay the closing costs. It’s a service meant to help you move on from an inconvenience. If you need to sell your house today, we can make you an offer today.

Purchasing the home outright with cash puts money in your pocket quickly. If there are tax delinquencies or zoning violations, we will need to consider these. We also factor in the estimated cost of repairs and updating. Please keep in mind that it will need remodeling if it hasn’t been in 20 years. Just because nothing is broken, does not mean it’s in mint condition. I ask you to be honest with yourself.

The Stigma

This is not one of our services you will see advertised very often. One reason is that many sellers shut down when they hear “we buy houses.” The social stigma comes from investors making low ball cash offers on high-end properties. This is not how this service should be advertised. It especially should not be solicited this way.

This is best suited for someone who has had enough with their property. If the house needs repairs and the seller wants a little cash, it makes sense. In this case, it would solve the seller’s problem. Also, the investor would make money on it after fixing it up.

Why Sell For Cash?

There many reasons why someone might sell a home for a cash discount. We want to be available to them when they need us.

The main reason people sell fast for cash is to get rid of an unwanted property. Many folks feel “stuck.” So stuck it’s more convenient for them to get rid of it if they can get some cash for it, their happy.

One example of this is someone who inherits a property once their relative dies. This is likely unexpected, and they may not want to deal with the upkeep. They may not want to deal with a realtor trying to sell it. It might need to be repaired or updated, and the new owner doesn’t have time for these tasks.

In such a case, they are likely looking to sell it quickly to avoid back taxes or transfer fees and repair fees. If this is you, we can buy it from you. We’ll get you as much money as we can.

Why Are The Offers So Low?

It depends mostly on location and repairs. The informed investor will know the after repair value. Also referred to as the ARV, this knowledge is what determines the offer they will make you. The investor essentially transfers the risk to themself and pays you for it. They will have to pay closing costs and all repair fees, in most cases.

Another reason an investor’s offer might appear low is because they need to make sure they will make money on the deal. Otherwise, why would they buy a beat-up old house? We are not talking about handyman specials. We are talking about moderate to substantial damage in which the investor must first calculate and execute, which is not easy or cheap. These are often tasks that many sellers do not want to deal with.

Is This Unethical?

It’s quite presumptuous to assume all of these deals are unethical. It’s also ridiculous to understand that every one of these deals is ethical. It depends entirely on the buyer, seller, and the agreement itself.

If the seller is elderly and can’t do much for themself anymore, they might accept an offer that’s not in their best interest. It only becomes unethical when one of the parties is trying to take from the other, and not help the other.

Paper Real Estate is very ethical in our offers. We don’t expect everyone to accept them. Our goal is to find out whom this works for. This only works for sellers who openly say so. I have no quarrel with asking, but I’m not one to twist your arm, and neither is my company.

How Does It Work?

The process, like all of our operations, is simple. You can call or submit your property information through our cutting edge submissions page. Just state your asking price for your property, and we’ll email you a written offer. You can call and speak with someone as well. That was a concise paragraph, I know.

The systems that we’ve put in place are making real estate as easy as it should be. It should never be complicated. If it is complicated, someone needs to simplify it. We’re interested in the bottom line. This day and age, you should be able to connect instantly. There are so many resources available, and it’s always a sellers market. Terms Real Estate evens the odds and puts sellers in excellent positions as well as buyers.

I certainly hope this article was of value to you. I hope you learned about us! Any questions you may still have will be answered promptly via email, phone call or chat. We try to be as transparent as we can. Our goal is to help you. Please take advantage of this portal. If you are looking to sell fast for cash, click here. If you are interested in exploring additional options, click here. I wish you the very best.

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