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How To Hire A Good Realtor

How To Hire A Good Realtor - Terms Real Estate

Hiring a realtor can be a stressful process. You don’t know how much they’ll contribute to your needs. Are they in it to help you, or help themselves? There are measures you can take to weed out the flakes from the greats, however.
When going through the process of hiring a realtor, you should look for specific character traits. In this post, we’ll dive deep into what those things to look for are.

What To Look For In A Realtor

Keep in mind that a realtor’s job is to sell your house, or to help you buy one. Since they get paid via commission for doing this, they catch a terrible stigma, and the public views them all as “out for themselves.” Not all realtors and agents are only out for themselves. Some of them want to help you find what you need.
Different realtors have different ways of doing this, but know when your realtor is making an effort. If they are usually flexible and available for you, this shows they are prioritizing you. If they are making enough time for you, this is a great start!
Another good trait to look for is someone honest and informative. Consider this: if a realtor provides selling options to you that would not benefit themself, you can trust them. If they only want to help themself, they would never mention an option that would not benefit them.

Other Things To Look For

I prefer to hire a resourceful professional. I work with many brokers and agents, but I have my favorites. My favorites all have this trait in common: they are inventive. An excellent realtor will have access to tools that regular civilians do not. They are also good at connecting with other real estate professionals, and they usually have a vast network. They’ll know what questions to ask and how to go about specific tasks. They are caring, informative, and diligent. Options that will lessen their profit will still be presented to you, because they want you to know all of your options.

An excellent realtor will make the time for you. They answer the phone, and when they do, you feel welcome and cared for—not rushed and unprioritized. They’ll meet with you, learn about you and show you some inventory. This is the type of realtor everybody wants. Remember this: if they are attentive and informative, they will be an asset to you.

And lastly, search for a professional who likes what they do. There are pro-active, fun, enthusiastic realtors out there who want to make an impact. You should hire someone like this once you find them. I’d certainly like my car fixed by someone who likes wrenches.
The reason for this is so they won’t tire of working for you. Agents without any passion burn out. They don’t have the love behind the game they are playing. They’re like most teenagers at band camp. The effort is only temporary, and after band camp, they lose interest. I highly encourage you to hire someone who enjoys their work.

Realtors To Avoid

You shouldn’t just commit to the first realtor that answers their phone. You should most certainly get to know the person or entity selling your house. Since selling your home is maybe the most significant financial decision you’ll ever make, it should execute successfully.
There are common character traits in uninformed, uncertain realtors. One of those traits is the constant “on the go” act. We get it. You’re too cool to stay long. You have other ventures to tend to. Truthfully though, someone like this might be successful, but they certainly didn’t get there by building relationships. Find a pro-active realtor who is interested in taking adequate time with you.

Also, beware of a realtor who acts like a pompous “know-it-all.” Even if they are very knowledgeable, they will be closed to learning new things. Internally, they’ve convinced themselves that they know everything there is to know. Some situations arise that can fleet even the most seasoned real estate professional. If they are unable to adapt to abrupt changes, they may become less useful.

Another real estate professional to avoid are the ones rushing everything. They expedite the showings, phone time, personal time, paperwork, and expert advice. These traits would mean that they aren’t through with you in any aspect of the process. It is imperative you connect with a realtor who is going to take the time to understand you and your needs, beyond how many bathrooms you’re looking for.
Another trait that is different but similar in context is the forceful agent. There are arrogant, impatient realtors out there, and it’s best to avoid them. An excellent realtor takes a step back and listens to your needs. Real professionals don’t act assuming. It’s very ineffective to presume one’s needs, or try to tell them what their own needs are.

In Conclusion

In summary, you’ll want to use a realtor with these five key traits:

  1. They prioritize you
  2. Honest and informative
  3. Resourceful and connected
  4. Readily available
  5. They love their job

Once you have found this person, hold onto them. Some of the best people in the world have chosen to be a realtor. When they are disciplined and diligent, they turn into walking assets. It is good practice to seek out similar traits from any professional you do business with, in any field. I’ve been lucky enough to meet several of these people. One of them is one of the best realtors I’ve seen, Taylor Corley. She cares about your needs. She’s personable, resourceful and informative. If you seek the guidance of a real estate professional in any state, Taylor can direct you to a realtor that is best suited for your needs.

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