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Terms Real Estate - The market outside of the market

Terms Real Estate was created to bring an unheard group of people together! These methods aren’t traditional, so they are looked past and not explored or discussed. But here, buyers and sellers alike can do that! They are specifically matched together through our national database! We are your eye in the sky for homes outside of the market! We are truly the market outside of the market!

For example, Jim is selling his house in Dallas Texas using a land contract. A buyer, also named Jim, is also in Dallas Texas, searching for a house to BUY on a land contract. After they BOTH have their information submitted, our database will notify them both so a deal can be made!

Our Mission

Maybe you can make more money by listing these homes through a brokerage, or listing by yourself. But simply listing your home doesn’t attract all the offers you COULD be getting. And in MANY cases, selling on terms is far more profitable than selling outright, anyway!

We are creating awareness of these possibilities to empower you to make them happen! Instead of waiting on someone or something else, broaden your possibilities! For some people, it is a better option anyway. For some people, exploring terms is the ONLY option! 

Our Vision

We want to see buyers and sellers alike utilizing this resource and resources like it, to take total control over their selling & purchasing ability! We are creating awareness and popularizing this knowledge, so more and more people will explore the possibilities to make the best deal for themselves! Our vision is to educate and connect the country together!

It is similar to rooting your phone…with the correct guidance or know-how, you will actually improve your phone’s ability to give you what you want! In the same sense, you will be making your house do the same exact thing…produce for you…just better.

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Terms Real Estate came about when I realized that there is a lack of platforms to connect to buyers and sellers using terms. I also realized that there was, and is a lack of education. So it made sense to build a bridge for these types of deals to come together through. Termsrealestate.com is that bridge. Our goal is to, over time, make this bridge shorter and shorter (or easier and easier) to get across. It should be easy and accessible to execute deals of all kinds with like-minded people!

My name is Joshua Ransom. I made this brand and website. I am an entrepreneur of many sorts. My resourcefulness has allotted for a brokering business, as my ability to get you what you need is highly sought after. I do this successfully by creating demand on the other side. TermsRealEstate.com helps me and my team do this more efficiently. Collecting and storing the necessary information from our clients is vital, and our systems help us do this at high volumes. I ask you to take full advantage of this resource! I have learned over time that when you learn new information, the quality of life improves! And you can take that quality to the bank, baby!